Why are you not /fit/ Christanon?

We ask for strength so often, why miss out on consistent weight training?

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I am.

And I thank the Lord after every workout for the fact I'm blessed enough to be able to do so.

cant be bothered
pizza tastes nice

I agree wholeheartedly with you. That said, I personally won't start for another 2 weeks, in the middle of a move right now. But when I went to the gym, the Y here actually had a small 'chapel' in it, really just a tiny room. But it was set aside solely for prayer and had bibles in it, so I'd always pray before working out for safety and that I wouldn't become prideful of my gains.

Based, we should always be thankful for the strength in our arms.

That gym is incredible, treasure it and good luck.

Borderline gluttony, at least become a powerlifter user.

Because I find the idea of picking things up and putting them down repeatedly to be silly. I devote myself to study, not to vain repetitions.


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I find gyms distasteful. I really can only work out in solitude.

Home gym might be for you then, either outside in the open, maybe on the terrace or in the garage, if you have enough space maybe inside the house.

Because I'm a lazy 5'10'' 100 pound skeleton who'd rather stay inside all day. I'm not joking about the weight either, I just can't gain weight with this low appetite of mine. Some cardio and stretching is the most you'll get out of me.

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One word, B U L K

Train consistently and eat less carbs and your appetite will come.

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Because I'm not gay.
Not physical strength, you moron. Lurk 2 years before posting.

Why are gym monkeys such brainlets that they can't use a catalog?


Practically dead thread.


Same goes for forks.

Being fit isn’t necessarily vanity, it’s trying to stay in good health.

I try to stay fit and do so for health reasons rather than vanity; in the past I have been let to awful sins due to my body looking good.

You don't have to lift weights to stay in good health.

No need to try and guilt those who do lift.

So liven it back up. There is no reason to make a duplicate thread when one already exists.

No need to try and guilt those who don't lift.