Why are Catholics so obsessed with Latin? It's not even a Biblical language. The Bible is written in Hebrew, Aramaic...

Why are Catholics so obsessed with Latin? It's not even a Biblical language. The Bible is written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Jesus spoke Aramaic. Learn one of those languages. Latin seems to be the language of those who hold to the traditions of men tbqh.

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Latin is a dead language, which means it cannot be changed. Unlike Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. We use this dead language so men cannot corrupt the scripture with ever changing meanings in language.
Take, for example, pharmakeia
St. Paul tells us (in Galatians) it is forbidden.
The common english translation is sorcery but this alone does not do it justice. Many think sorcery is only about magick spells and worshiping idols but many don't know that the pagans of old used and abused drugs for their idols.
Now some bible-idolaters see this and think "wait a minute, pharmaceuticals share the same root word as pharmakeia, I guess God hates modern medicine". This is the same train of thought prots like JWs, Christian Scientists, some Amish, and other prots follow.

The Latin word used in Galatians is veneficia which is translated as poisoning as in poisoning your body for pagans regularly poisoned their bodies in order to contact evil spirits. Just like how junkies poision their bodies to have a good time.

Another reason why Latin is used is because Latin literally built and united the civilized world in Europe. Many languages come from Latin. It is a uniting force that truly makes God's Church universal. A faithful christian Frenchman that is on a business trip in America, but his english is not very good might not be able to follow along an English Mass, but can always go to a Latin Mass and still understand what is going on. of course this only works if the schools aren't full of Marxists and actually teach latin at a young age.


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Latin sounds really cool tbh.

It truly is a beautiful language

19 Pilate also wrote a title and put it on the cross; it read, “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.” 20 Many of the Jews read this title, for the place where Jesus was crucified was near the city; and it was written in Hebrew, in Latin, and in Greek.

Wow, so the Bible only reinforces the fact that Latin is a Satanic language.

It's a Papist language.

atleast you are trying

Latin was the language of academia and the church throughout the Middle Ages, at least in the west. Just about everybody educated knew it due to the legacy of Rome, so people all over Europe could read Latin works instead of academics having to learn French, Italian, Spanish, German, etc. While the Bible itself was not originally written in Latin, many works of theology from the past 2000 years were.

Can someone tell me if this song is in Latin or not ?
And maybe what she says ?
Thank you.

Why are KJV idolaters so obsessed with English? It's not even a Biblical language. The Bible is written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Jesus spoke Aramaic. Learn one of those languages. English seems to be the language of those who hold to the traditions of men tbqh.

Than all languages that uses Latin in it's roots are Papist, including English.

I guess you better start learning arabic, turboprot.

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As far as the Bible goes, the sad thing is that the KJV and Jerome's Vulgate represent the same line of texts. We should all be allies against modernism. They read very similarly. 99.9% of the time each side would be able to seamlessly transition from one to the other.

As far as the source texts go, so much of it still reflects the Greek and Latin that the church espoused, rather than some of the stranger readings of a pure Masoretic translation. And as far as the NT goes, both are from the Majority Text tradition. We can't even say that about the modern Nova Vulgata, which uses the same critical texts as modern English bibles. It reads more like the NASB than it does either the KJV or Jerome.

This is also why you'll find so many Orthodox immigrants who love the KJV as well. There are especially ROCOR guys and Antiochians who are very KJV Only.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that KJV was a product of the Textus Receptus, which had already gone through changes at the hands of modern Jews. Jerome's Vulgate (OT at least) was based on Hebrew texts which no longer exist.

/Thread this is literally the only reason why. There's nothing else to say other than it is the unalterable language spoken universally among a billion Catholics across the furthest corners of the earth. The liturgy used to be similar, but I think we are still doing well considering Satan has never had more power than in the past 150 years. At least we still have the SSPX, FSSP, ICKSP, and diocesan Tridentines to make due.

Latin isn't as important to most people interested in biblical research as the actual source languages proper. English also possesses a ton of Latinate vocabulary already and some is Greek by extension.
The Catholic Church ended Vulgate dependency also.

That said, some Latin chants are the most elegant and unsurpassed in such as well.

No one speaks biblical languages either you mong. Only Romance speakers may understand a limited quantity of Latin but you could say the same for any other Romanic language, and even more so between languages with greater affinity. You could also add new words to Latin, and there's nothing necessarily wrong with that.

Academically knowing Latin is important. From a religious standpoint not so much. Greek, Hebrew etc. That is what the bible is written in. End of story.

English is Germanic, not Romance

Found it on lebbit.

Thesauro caeli
Apostole pie obsecro
Spargo mundum
Cum misericordia tua

Thesauro caeli
Apostole pie obsecro
Spargo mundum
Cum misericordia tua

Ego sum ille (not 100% sure about this, but it makes sense grammatically)
Qui enuntiat vocem sideris
Incedam tecum et tecum
Tecum confirmo

Ego amo te
Tu stella amata
Dona eis pacem
Cum voce tua

Thesauro caeli
Apostole pie obsecro
Spargo mundum
(Cum) misericordia tua

Treasure of the sky
O pious apostle, I beseech you
I spread your mercy
In the world (lit: I sprinkle the world with your mercy)

I am the one
Who announces the voice of the stars (considering the deeper meanings of the word and the line itself, this could very well refer to the Astrals. This line is very oracle-y XD)

I shall walk with you, and with you
With you I strengthen (the Latin verb is not reflexive but it seems to be intended that way, like "with you I become stronger")

I love you
You, beloved star
Give them peace
With your voice


Though it all sounds Gnostic to me hehe.

This is so sad, Alexa play Salve Regina

Also, stop using our ebil "papist language" prot. Learn arabic already

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Roman larping is cool and the fact that Latin is a dead language that sounds great is even kúúler.


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Textus Receptus is among the Majority Text family. The differences are negligible.. and what differences that do exist actually in the Latin (the Johannine Comma of 1 John 5:7-8, for example).

St. Jerome's OT sources are pre-Masoretic, but they reflect some of the same tradition the Masoretes worked on. It's kind of in between. It differs from the Septuagint as well (which is why Augustine thought it wrong that Jerome used it).>>799935

Very cool actually. I didn't know that either. Although it is kind of strange to consider English a Romance language in the same vein as French or Spanish.

It's not a Romance language exactly as the base is still manifestly Germanic rather its that possesses a large percentage of Romanic vocabulary.

The TR doesn't have anything to do with the OT either as it's the compiled Greek NT.
It's the Masoretic Text that has been used for a lot of modern language translations.

Of course, I'm just answering the user's question, since he asked about both OT and NT. The KJV and Jerome reflect a Majority NT tradition, and Jerome reflects a pre-Masoretic Hebrew tradition (but not quite as pre-Masoretic as the LXX). The KJV wisely follows many of the Latin's readings in this, since the Anglicans weren't total iconoclasts like the rest of the Reformation and believed in tradition and traditional scriptural readings they had come to know.

Just to add, a good example that Catholics instinctively don't have a problem with the KJV is that Challoner revised the Douay-Rheims to read a little more like the KJV. It shows how close the Latin is that he could even do that.

It's funny, but I ran across a priest's article bemoaning the blandness of the NAB translation. And his standard to measure it against was none other than the KJV:


The Geneva Bible, KJV, and much of the classical Protestant translations in other languages tend echo eachother, using the same sources.
English had inherited a lot of Latinate influence already, which is seen in the Wycliffe Bible. Much of popular biblical terminology is derived from Latin.
Later movements might have deviated more from this, but that seems to happened more with the naming of religious terms like "service" for mass and liturgy, "Lord's supper" for eucharist, and having pastors instead of priests.

Just like Orthodox use Greek, Copts use Coptic, Rome and the West uses Latin. Also, all exorcisms are done in Latin. Exorcists say that demons absolutely hate Latin.
Also, you prots talking about traditions men while coming up with a whole another version of Christianity 1500 years after Christ that is in contradiction to all Apostolic Christianity is just infinitely funny to me. You just love to focus on Catholicism but always conveniently forget that the Orthodox and the Antiochians and the Syrians and the Copts (all Churches founded by Apostles) have 99% the same doctrine as Catholicism.

Yeah yeah we know how much you like KJV.
You are right that recent modern translations are rather bland. The translations produced during the Reformation in other languages are still some of the best.

The Bible is even more eloquent than its translations and could be rendered even better.

I wanted to post this. OP, please read this.

Exorcists also say that demons absolutely hate it when they mention Our Lady too and that she has great powers over them. But it's not like prots care anyway.


For those who don't know, fr. Amorth was the lead Vatican exorcist for a looong time, God rest his soul.

Demons and satan hate our lady because they are jealous. Jealous that a human has what they could never get, salvation. They are buttmad that a woman of all things has greater power over them then they do over her.

Thats why they hate the rosary and always tell people to never pray it.
Thats why demons always slander our lady and make degenerate art of her, because they know that if they can try to hurt Jesus by going through His mother (kinda like how the demons got to Adam through Eve).

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You may as well be relying on folk tales now considering how easy it is to attach that type of claim to tradition.
It was Aramaic incantation bowls that were being used before that in the eastern regions apparently. There also appear to be a numerous of Coptic texts dealing with magic. Latin too certainly.

This is not to assert whether exorcisms in Latin are effective or not though.

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Why don't you go accompany an exorcist and get back to us whether the claim is a folk tale.
Also, what exactly does exorcism have to do with magic?

All I'm saying is that the claim of Latin being exceptional may be a bit overstated. Also who's to say there aren't parallels and connections between exorcistic rituals. You don't think only the Catholic Church possesses them do you?

I'm not catholic (inb4), and I decided to start researching accounts of exorcisms. Outside Roman Rite exorcisms, the have a higher tendency to come back.
If recommend reading Gabriele Amorth.

What I am saying is that Latin, according to the exorcists, is much more effective than vernacular. I don't know about Greek or Aramaic, I never made a claim that Latin is more effective than those languages.
Of course not, priests of all Apostolic Churches have the Apostolic authority to do exorcisms.

Now, prots can do some too, but in serious cases a validly ordained priest has to do it. You can hear it explained here, I put the timestamp in it. Blai was a psychology student who started accompanying exorcists because he wanted to prove that 'demon possession' is a a mere psychosis. Now he's one of the top laymen who works with exorcists.


Who do you think I am? I'm just saying it follows traditional renderings for the most part. It's among one of the better choices in that respect, given that most English translations are iconoclastic and love breaking with tradition. It could be better though. I'm actually coming from an Orthodox perspective, so I don't actually like the KJV as much as the average KJV proponent. I'd prefer some version that followed Brenton's LXX accompanied with a Patriarchal text translated like the KJV (one guy has done that on the internet, but it's not published in print form unfortunately. If I had church approval, I'd invest in this myself!). Like I said earlier, you'd be surprised how many Orthodox come across like KJV-Only types.

As for demons, Christ's name is powerful no matter what language. They fear him all the same. They fear him even when he doesn't say anything, such as Legion who ran up to him first and begged him to go away. This is why Messianic Sacred Namers are just as silly. And why Jews in general are lost and miserable - they don't even think people are getting the Word of God, unless it's in Hebrew. Don't imitate their nonsense.

Well whatever, those bowls and charms were for trapping demons btw apparently.

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You sound familiar…..
In any case yeah Brenton's seems to be the most legit LXX translation. Maybe using this with Murdock's translation of the Peshitta could be the patrician Orthodox translation option.

As for Jews and Hebrew, I like most people simply want a comprehensive compilation from all sources. We're not going to simply relegate it to the dust heap of history and neither will the churches.

I really have no idea why are you feigning confusion, I think both I and the other guy you quoted were perfectly clear. Latin is on the same level as Hebrew, Greek and Arameic. I gave the example of exorcists to support my argument.

There's a difference between exorcisms and blessed objects. I don't know about trapping, this is certainly not something that Catholic or Orthodox mention, but exorcists will tell you that sprinkling holy water in your house drives demons away. A blessed article of faith has the same effect.

There were a bunch of those found in Mesopotamia. When speaking about these subjects one has to avoid taking for granted that one is living in the modern scientific era and that in past times the rationale for using spells and rituals for different circumstances and ailments would have varied from region to region. Surely many would not refrain from the use of such for the well being of theirselves or others, and as such, moving into the era of Christian periods these may have come to be intertwined with a Christian influence.

this, also the Latin Vulgate is an important source for the Bible. although it's a translation, it's an ancient translation, and St. Jerome likely worked from primary sources which are no longer extant.

We have IDs.

Saint Edward the Confessor wants to know you location.

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The French made changes occur in English, but they did not create it. Stop trying to say English is from Latin just because you think Latin is cool. I'm not saying it ins't but English is very clearly from both Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse decent.

Except English is a Romance language. If William the Conquerer never conquered Britannia, English would never be English. Deny it all you want, but your anti-Latin bias will never change the fact that English is a Romance language. Get over it.

Jesus predicated in Koine Greek. The New Testament is in Koine Greek.

Because Catholicism is just the Roman Empire with the Pope as the Emperor with "supremacy over all princes and kings in spiritual and temporal TEMPORAL matters" (what the Vatican used to claim).

That's not how linguistics works. English is a Western Germanic language. Vocabulary does not determine what family a language belongs in, but rather its genealogy and grammar.


Except it isn't. English is a West Germanic language. Its grammar and phonology reflect that. For example, Grimm's law applies really well to English, as it does to all Germanic languages. Yes, over 60% of English vocabulary is French or Latin. However, most of the French and Latin vocab is used in more formal contexts like scientific names. Everyday English has mostly Germanic vocabulary.

I made the exact same thread several times and it always got deleted. Papists get super mad that all their tedious studying of Latin means absolutely nothing to God, because absolutely nothing in original Christianity is written in Latin.
Latin is not a Biblical language. If God spoke a language, it wouldn't be Latin. Get over it papists!

This argument is pretty weak when you consider that Latin was very much a living language when Rome first adopted it. The Vulgate was considered vulgar because Greek-speaking nobles didn't like the idea of Latin-speaking peasants reading the Scriptures.

Are you guys too retarded to realize that English, just like Romance languages, uses subject-verb-object structure? Germanic languages use V2. The grammar proves English is a Romance language, faggots.

Brother, I tell you this from a place of love. I get that they make you made, they make me mad, but no need to stoop to their level and resort to name calling. Heck, one of them even admits over 60% of the English language is Latin yet they continue to deny their roots. These people are lost in their hatred for their own home.
Pity them, but don't condem them.

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We already covered the fact that Catholic Exorcists have commented that their prayers are more efficacious when done in Latin. With this, we have objective proof that Latin is the superior language for exorcism prayers.

Is it possible one could extrapolate from this then and argue that God loves prayers done in Latin more than other languages? If demons hate Latin more, does God love Latin more?

Hold on there turbopapist, I don't think you actually understand how this works.

You do realize that Latin, the mother of all other Romance languages isn't strictly SVO, right? Further, SVO is extremely common in all language families including Semitic, Romance, Slavic languages, etc. It shows up in the majority of Creole languages too. There is a hypothesis that SVO might be intuitive to all humans due to its prevalence. English might be unique among Germanic languages for not being strictly V2, but being SVO hardly disqualifies it from being Germanic. Rather, all it says about it is that it's a human language… Also, it should be noted that actually English does have some leftover V2 sentences from Middle English. "Pop goes the weasel" is one example.

Other than that, English displays a large amount of Germanic features. These include having both strong and weak verbs, the lack of inflection for future tense, adjectives coming before nouns unlike many Romance languages, and sticking to Grimm's law. Just compare some Germanic determiners to Romance determiners:


¿Por qué?/Quare?

Notice how the Kw/Qw sound becomes a Xw/Wh sound. Very typical of Germanic languages, and English has it. The picture explains more.

English itself just sounds like a Germanic language, and not at all like a Romance language. Again, vocab count doesn't determine what language family a language belongs to. What determines it is grammar, phonology, everyday vocabulary, and what language family it can be traced back through, and for English that is Middle English and Old English which is most certainly Germanic, itself having come from Anglo-Frisian.

English is a very West Germanic language, it has no connection with any of the Italic languages like the Romance languages. Get over yourself, Papist….

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By saying such you reduce the potential of God and the angels, as if they understood other language less clearly, which goes against the very essence of the scriptural message as it has been commonly understood.

What it could be in any case I think is that rites and ceremonies have not had the time to be as eloquently developed and embellished in more recent vernaculars thereby reducing the potential for spiritual captivation through them. It could also be that prayers with more repetition throughout the history have attained more power through the spiritual energy of the people.

As pointed out, Latin is not strict in the structuring of sentences.

fūgērunt ab hominibus canēs
ab hominibus canēs fūgērunt
canēs fūgērunt ab hominibus

English has more in common with Ancient Greek and Latin than it ever will with German. It's just fact. Its roots are in Gaul, the Normans, and Flemish, and not with the savage forest peoples that inhabited Germany.

Is there Germanic influence? Yes of course. Is it Germanic? Just as much as, or even less than it is a Romance language.

I just completely proved you wrong in so many ways and yet you continue. Cognitive dissonance?

I am a different user. Also, you proved nothing. You said 60% of the language is Latin/French vocabulary then you went on to claim that since it uses sounds similar to German, it is German.

It is neither, it is both and if you want to get down to percentages, you gave it yourself. It is more Latin based than Germanic.

Probably having to do with the Roman Empire civilizing the entire barbaric region over the course of many centuries.

Latin's default word order is SOV.

I literally just demonstrated that the core grammar of English is Germanic, the phonology is Germanic, English is directly descended from a Germanic language and not a Romance language, and on top of that everyday/simple English is Germanic. Most Romance words in English are used in more formal settings like science. For example, "I had lunch with my friends and we read some books." is a simple English sentence and 100% of it is Germanic. Once again, vocab count doesn't determine what language family a language belongs to. Once again, for the 1000th time, linguist determine language families primarily by grammar and phonology. Linguists are in agreement that English, as a language, sits comfortably as a West Germanic language. Get over yourself, Papist.

So why should the bible be in English then?

So English speakers could read it…

But why? Why should the word of Christ be perverted and mistranslated by man?

Catholics don't even ask about exorcism in other circles. How would you even know? Have you talked to any Orthodox priests? You could get the same testimony of the power of Christ from Russians, Greeks, Serbians, and Arabs. Secondly, you insult Christ himself for Latin was the least likely language that he would use, unless talking to a centurion or Pilate maybe. He didn't need Caesar's tongue to cast out devils. You insult Peter and Paul who largely chose to speak in Greek in their day. Is every one of their Epistles and blessings invalid because they didn't recite the magical words in a special way? You insult anyone in the 2000 years of the Church, be it a child or a bishop who wasn't Latin speaking, who cried to Jesus and prayed for protection. Apparently in your mind everyone is in torment unless they recite Latin. You may as well be a pagan, for they think the same stupid things about their spells. And you may as well be like Jews. They're the ones who think they have special power in their linguistics. The Muslims are just as bad and give Arabic a sacred power. What all of these have in common is they are small minded and men who live according to the flesh. And they are all miserably dead in sin because of it. Don't imitate them. Be a person of the Spirit. Not flesh. Jesus already told you this and I shouldn't have to remind you:

"Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet. Our fathers worshipped in this mountain; and ye say, that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship. Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." - John 4:19-24

So you want to be a Muslim now and claim "w-well you can only u-understand scripture in its original language!" You do know that God desires everyone to be saved, right? He told his followers to go to all nations. His word isn't limited to Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic.

What's wrong with Latin? It was the universal language of the Church for a time, and Jesus knew and spoke it. One could argue:

I have an apple

Ich habe ein Apfel

ego malum habeo

yo tengo una manzana

J'ai une pomme

Clearly, the English is most similar to the German.

Greek: Εχω μήλο (Echo melo).
"I have an apple."

Yep, German is the most similar.

I never claimed that the bible was divine (like what the muslims claim). Latin is a dead language and can't be changed, Christ spoke Latin too. Why should it be mistranslated and paraphrased.?

Is this an acceptable translation? Is allowing the word of God to be tainted okay to you?

Matthews 6:9-13

Our Father in heaven,
Reveal who you are.
Set the world right;
Do what’s best—
as above, so below.
Keep us alive with three square meals.
Keep us forgiven with you and forgiving others.
Keep us safe from ourselves and the Devil.
You’re in charge!
You can do anything you want!
You’re ablaze in beauty!
Yes. Yes. Yes.

based and messagepilled

I hate how people think the word of God is a joke and be changed and perverted into other languages. Is it a joke? Is it laugh?

What you did was turn 'hypocrites' into 'prayer warriors who are prayer-ignorant', you skipped Christ's instruction to pray privately, you turned the instruction to not babble like a heathen into not following formulas from a hypocrite. And _you_ did it. The men working for King James didn't.

Than dont ever pray wth us in the prayer thread or in a congregation if you sincerely think Jesus said we can only pray privately.

Also, learn some greek and you will realize "vain repetitions" isn't what you think it is.

Jesus also spoke Greek, Pilate wouldn't have known Aramaic.

You misunderstand. The joke isn't the scripture, the joke is The Message Bible. It is so bad it's good, like The Room. The Message is a meme at this point.
Take the MSGpill, user.
Get WOKE go spiritually BROKE

You have no evidence to this or are ignorant of the role that Greek played in adminstrative communication. In Acts 21 when Paul is questioned by Roman officials in Jerusalem he was asked if he knew "Hellenist" ( Ἑλληνιστί).

There's nothing to say Roman officials couldn't have become fluent in the local vernaculars. Some document showing habits and tendencies of the period would be relevant.
Regardless this desire to paint Jesus as a superhuman polyglot potentially treads on being an inability to accept his human nature more assertively.

You have no evidence to this or are ignorant of the role that Greek played in adminstrative communication. In Acts 21 when Paul is questioned by Roman officials in Jerusalem he was asked if he knew "Hellenist" ( Ἑλληνιστί).

There's nothing to say Roman officials couldn't have become fluent in the local vernaculars. Some document showing habits and tendencies of the period would be relevant.
Regardless this desire to paint Jesus as a superhuman polyglot potentially treads on being an inability to accept his human nature more assertively.

Jesus gave the Apostles the ability to understand and speak any language on Pentecost, so logically, that's something He could have done if He had wanted to.

In that case then any language is as exceptional and is seen as simply a means for conveying the intended message.

Where have we heard this before. The Catholic Church ditched Vulgate onlyism too btw.
Reminds me of some past Anglican cleric who held up the KJB to his seminary or something and told them to remember that "this is not the Bible". Based.

John 19:20 (KJV)
This title then read many of the Jews: for the place where Jesus was crucified was nigh to the city: and it was written in Hebrew, and Greek, and Latin.

That doesn't make sense, to say that God would favor one language over another seems strange. Why would the almighty God care about the language, did not the apostles gain the ability to speak in many tongues to spread the word of the Lord across all nations?

Firstly, I'm not the one saying this. It's Catholic exorcists that say that their prayers are more effective in Latin.
Secondly, just because the prayers are more effective in Latin, that does not necessarily mean that it's because Latin is more easily understood. Perhaps Latin has more power because it's a more beautiful language, in God's eyes?
What does this process look like and how long does it take?
What is this theory rooted in? Is that really Christian thinking? I would expect ideas like this from /fringe/. Do you have anything of the Bible or of the Church to back up your speculation?

Absolute fantasy.

Are you disregarding the report that exorcisms are more effective in Latin, according to Catholic Exorcists?
What do they have to do with this? They're not Catholic Exorcists.
I agree that anyone can testify to the power of Christ but I'm comparing the power of prayer through the various languages because at least with regards to exorcisms, Latin holds supremacy and there seems to be no explanation as to why.
How is it an insult to Christ? Is it because you feel that I'm asserting Latin mattered more to him than it "really" does (how much it really matters is precisely what's being examined)? I believe you could be right. All that means then though is that the reason behind why Latin works more effectively in exorcisms returns to being unexplained.
Admittedly though, I do have a new theory: It's not that God loves Latin more but rather, it's just that demons hate it. That's it. It could be that prayers done in Latin have wounded them in the past and so, when done in Latin again, the prayers more readily "reopen the wound", so to speak.
True but then again, he was God.
Not invalid. Just not necessarily as strong.
"God loves Latin" doesn't mean "God hates non-Latin languages"

Does Latin seem to help with exorcisms? Then Latin does seem to hold some kind of sacred power for some reason. Maybe God doesn't love Latin more. Maybe that was the wrong thing to say. Maybe it's best to just leave it be as an unexplained fact.

I agree. I have a new theory: it's not that God loves Latin but rather, it's just that demons hate it. Why? No idea.

I hope you stop doubting.

I hope you stop posting nonsense.
Latin is not a Biblical language! Not a single sentence in the Bible is written in Latin! Stay mad papists.

And yet it was the latins that gave you the bible you worship. Stay mad bible-idolater.

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I'm Orthodox. We gave you the Bible.

user, I…

Christ spoke Greek. He predicated in Greek, not Aramaic or Hebrew. The entire region, Judea including, had been completely Hellenized for 400 years. The Persians, before the Romans, left it as the official language for the region. The Romans left it as the official language of the region, the entirety of Roman official magisterial work for the region was in Greek. Pontious Pilot spoke Greek, the centurion spoke Greek. Jesus spoke Greek.

We even know that it was Koine Greek.

Jesus did not amass a large following of people throughout the region by speaking in a savage dialect only some backwater filthy villagers spoke (Aramaic). He did it by speaking the language of the day.

The equivalent to today in the US would be saying Jesus was born on an Indian reservation then he spent the remainder of his life preaching in Comanche up and down the east coast of the US and amassed a large following.

We have been lied to our whole lives.

Read the Greek. It is entirely different than the insane translations of deluded English speaking Middle Age lunatics.

Do you see your own example?

The Romance languages look nothing like Latin and the "Germanic" ones share the same verb with Latin habeo-habe-have.

In your own example you clearly show how Latin influenced the entire region. Even German is a Romance language.

Thank you Rome for civilizing the barbarians.

Lame excuse. It still got to be easier to just learn the full archaic meaning of the word pharmakeia and remember it.