Faith and Identity

The bible makes it clear "you cannot serve two masters". Even in conservative churches, it's hard pressed to find people who hold to this us vs them way of thinking. At most Ive met its young people who do.
Why and when did faith become an attribute of man vs a defining quality of him.
I apologize in advance for this autistic question.

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Because unlike Muslims and Jews, we are commanded to love our enemies and pray for those who seek to do us harm. We are not at war with the world. We are at war with sin.

That doesnt in any way mean you should trash your own cultural/ethnic identity or surrender it to outsiders.


There is plenty of division among Muslims and Jews, with Jews even having their own "hyper-liberal" types. That doesn't explain why "via et veritas et vita" has been forgotten by most Christians.

I see the world as Orthodox vs heretics. That doesn’t mean I go out shooting people like Muslims or robbing them like Jews.

We love our personal enemies because they know not what they do. We are not to just indulge them in whatever they want and capitulate to their crimes.

(full house check)
You know, we used to be like that for almost 1600 years. Sigh

What is it with you autists, both you and the SJW's, that you understand identity politics only in the terms of moronic extremes?

That's why I don't have Facebook.

A lot of anons here are recovering Zig Forumsacks who are very insecure of the perceived timidness of certain doctrines. Every single "love your enemy" thread is filled with them, their worldview inexplicably tied to their faith or lack thereof.

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Honestly, I do the same as Muslims and Jews and prefer Christians myself. But I don't dehumanize others as they do. They're all potentially one step away from meeting Christ. And I wish they all would do so. I know many would love him, if they got a clearer picture of him. I think the world itself tries to prevent presenting that clear picture of Christ. And part of the "good news"/Gospel IS, in fact, showing the clear image of Christ. That's on all Christians to make it happen.

Facebook (including Instagram, Whatsapp etc.) is the biggest secular (or Satanic) "church" of the world, with over one billion members, who follow their king Mark Zuckerberg.
It's clearly structured and intended as replacement for church and community, but for worship of brands instead of God.
So I cannot reconcile being Christian with being "on Facebook".

I found the Good News on Zig Forums. Regardless if those people where just larpers or real Christians, the Lord did his work and converted me nevertheless.

Still, the excessively black-and-white thinking predominant on Zig Forums is spiritually toxic.

Because Christianity is not a quasi-nation state miasma across the world which has something to prove and militantly protect, it is the truth.

Balance would assume that Christians become even more violent and bloodthirsty than any Jew or Muslim. Once all Christians unite under one banner/mantle under a certain crest/emblem…then they will receive a "Holy Blessing" as it were. The bloodbath must ensue if you are to follow any of these Three Kings.

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If you need to use it to talk to friends and clients its easy to degeneracy proof it, i unfollow every person that posts selfies or brainwashed political opinions.
My wall is mostly composed of posts from groups i follow, like agriculture, art, philosophy, etc.
My mind is adequately protected.

People get drawn to Zig Forums, because they want to think outside the mainstream narrative. When the mainstream is all-inclusive gender-fluid GBLT, you find the polar opposite (racists, antifeminists, axis lovers) on Zig Forums.

I got told by state education, that churches are museums of medieval superstition and they are still standing, because colored windows are nice to look at and some old people still go there, because they are mentally stuck in the past and haven't accepted the blessing of communism.

The mainstream media of my youth conformed to this view but later on started praising Muslims left and right, completely contradicting what I got taught before. I ended up on Zig Forums, because I started questioning that. Being open to alternate views, I also then questioned the bs atheist teachers told me about church as well and after a few years ended up here.

Zig Forums was the catalyst needed to rid me of the brainwashing and open me to Christianity, in spite of all the hate there. I don't go there anymore, because I don't care much about secular things anymore.

If I had to meet my friends and clients inside a mosque (a requirement, which might come up at some point in Europe), I still wouldn't join.
You realize that you can do nothing on Facebook without joining the cult?

A lot of strawmans there. We are at war (spiritual war) with ‘worldliness’, we are called to be in the world but not of it. Like I said in previous post, this doesn’t mean a shooting war. This is a war with sin, death, etc.

Anything can be classed as identity politics, that’s such a useless word. Individualism is a Satanic doctrine. That’s literally what the devil is about. Liberation. And rebellion. From Gods law.

They get drawn to /x/, beyondtopsecret and infowars, too, when they feel the official story regarding certain political, spiritual and economic events is bs, and they want to think outside the box.
Can you find certain gems, facts and kernels of truth there?

Is it a worthy source of info?
Heck no, 90% of it is total bullshit and the demented ravings of fringe faggots, that they probably parroted and cross-polinated from other unsourced extremists with an agenda.
Same with Zig Forums.
Some of their ideas are sound, but for the most part, their thinking is faulty, contrarian, emotional, and prone to heresy and prelest that tickles their ideology.
I'm glad you found Christ there, but it doesnt legitimize that board.
Hating liberals does not theology make.

Yes, brazilanon, you hate the American Enlightenment and its modern liberals, and recently have expanded your hate to the very idea of individualism itself.
We get it.
Now sit down, this isn't about you.

He's Brazilian? That…actually explains a lots of things for me.
In other threads he autistically defends monarchism. I couldnt really understand, but now I feel kind of sympathetic tbh. When your country had Pedro II you have moral right to stand for that.

I'm pretty sure it's the same fag that talked about this stuff in other thread.
I don't care about his love of monarchy(i have monarchist leanings myself), i'm annoyed he is extremely autistic, and has no basic idea of statecrafting, instead being an unhinged lover of brutal autocracy for the same of autocracy.

Now he's started a psychopatic adulation of violent mental collectivism.

Yet, when i asked how his state is supposed to function, how transition of power is gonna happen, and everything else a country's political system need, and how his form of state has never existed in the history of Christendom, he literally went:
"I don't know, and i don't care! I just hate american Enlightenment stuff, and want to do everything in the complete opposite direction"

Pedro II abandoned the Church and that's why I believe Brazil became Babylonic. He chose to put humanist "Enlightenment" above the Love of God.
Search for Questão Religiosa. Even the pope said he would fall.

This. He was a very good secular leader but let masons run amok and infiltrate the church and government.

I was railing hard against democracy the other day. That was not brazilanon but me.

From wikipedia:

sad day for our country.