FreeBSD internal discussion of the code of conduct got dumped

FreeBSD internal discussion of the code of conduct got dumped.
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anyting good in there

Probably SJW shit

-------- Original Message --------Subject: Fwd: Re: conduct violationDate: 2018-02-24 18:52From: [email protected]: [email protected] Original Message --------Subject: Re: conduct violationDate: 2018-02-23 15:39From: [email protected]: Warner Losh On 2018-02-23 15:37, Warner Losh wrote:[[ added back the CC to [email protected] ]]On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 8:27 AM, wrote:On 2018-02-23 15:26, Warner Losh wrote:On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 8:24 AM, wrote:On 2018-02-23 15:19, Warner Losh wrote:On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 8:01 AM, wrote:I feel that this [1] [1] [1]isessential a "soft" death threat. creating virtual tombstones ofpeople like this can make people feel very unsafe.So who are you?WarnerLinks:------[1] [1] [1]Not sure what you mean? I work on various free software projects. Iamreporting a CoC violation.It isn't a trick question. Who are you? What is your name?WarnerLinks:------[1] [1]Raymond NicholsonThanks Raymond.So this was a conversation between Benno Rice and Bryan Lundke ontwittler. Both of whom are known for their irreverent humor at times(you can see a 'killall humans' shirt on Bryan's page, for example,and Benno's Tomb Stone is from an old school game called Hack orRogue). Neither one has approached us at this time.So I guess I'm curious: as a third party, what remedy would you liketo see for this act?WarnerLinks:------[1] expect you would dicipline Benno for the action, at very least explain that this is not acceptable behavior.^ resending this as it seems to have not reached you yesterday.^ resending a second time.

A buddy showed me what happened when they did a freebsd coc report. basically the dude trolls you for a bit then completely ignores you. Not sure why you spergs are freaking out so much about the coc, it doesn't do anything.

lol you are either a moron or a shill

shilling what exactly? I just posted an email

SJWs are notorious for infiltrating tech circles, becoming parasites, ruining fun and turning said tech circles into a stagnant sea of socio-political office tyranny.

Paranoia's a bitch, but it has its roots in fears of real problems.

On 02/27/18 14:14, Marcelo Araujo wrote:>>> On Feb 27, 2018 6:59 PM, "Poul-Henning Kamp" > wrote:>> --------> In message> >, Marcelo Araujo writes:>> >In this case, as we have power to vote for Core Team, we should  have> >enough power to down something they did and not everybody is> happy with> >that.>> We dont.>> One third of the committers can demand an early core election and> that's it.>> That would take 125 committers and so far I have not seen more than> a handful of committers whine about loosing their male white> privileges.>>> I'm not white male, I'm Latino if we need talk about color and race.What ? No, please, latino is neither a race nor a color,and I do not think arguing this way will take you anywhere.The term "male white privileges" is probably a poor choice,but I assure you, this CoC thing is definitely not about colorand nationalities.Talking about bad choices, genetic researches show that theterm "races" is a non-sense, if not a problematic term, whentalking about human beings.Cheers,- rodrigo

pkh = paul henning cuck

Why are the Danish so cucked? They used to be feared. Christ. He's made some good contributions too, so it's not due to retardation.


Can you post an example of CoCs being meaningful?
I think CoCs are probably a little harmful, but I've never seen any incidents of significant harm.

What about the unseen damages of alienating competent programmers who do not wish to associate with such nonsense.

they don't care about this because they hate white males

Exactly. Which high IQ white male (who has many options) wants to give up a substantial amount of his free time to be henpecked by whacked out feminists and freaks? I don't, you don't, no one does.

there are endless droves of soyboy cucks with twitter accounts that want to.

Too new to remember the nodejs and libuv cuckstorms?

Choose one.

Somebody needs to do a serious writeup about these happenings, it all gets forgotten and we never make any progress.

Choose one.

This is the worst part of it, there are actually some really skilled ones. I can't understand why people that are so smart at programming can be so stupid politically, but it does happen.

It's literally a tool of discord, control and the worst is that it's just an illusion but niggercattles just believe that it solve problems.
Dam people have short memory here's an example of a drupal dev who got removed from a project with a CoC, he hasn't infringed AT ALL the CoC but the board decided that he was a witch.
Have another example with ruby

because they spend all their time with programming, and when it comes to politics they follow the group because if they didn't they would be total outcasts due to lack of social ability

If CoC's are meaningless and effect nothing, then why are they jammed down everyone's throats, and why should we accept them? If they are truely ineffectual, than simply having one less unnessary file in the repo is argument enough to not have one.

hmmm what could the real reason they keep pushing these cocs on coding projects be?

That's an argument against a CoC, not an example of harmful influence from a CoC, right?
I basically agree with that post, I just don't care strongly about it.
Like you said, he didn't infringe the CoC at all, and the CoC wasn't used to expel him. He would have been expelled without the CoC. He might even have been expelled sooner if not for the CoC, because the CWG refused to expel him earlier because he didn't violate it.
Is this just a discussion about why CoCs are bad or is there more?
Do you have an example of a situation in which a CoC was used to do something bad? Not an example of a CoC being useless, but an example of a CoC being actively majorly harmful.

I agree that they're not very useful and it would be better not to have them, but I haven't seen anything to justify the doomsday reaction people on Zig Forums have.

It's almost like there's a group out there which wishes to sow discord in Western society. Maybe it's due to a past grievance?

It's because of who pushes them. To those politically aware and right leaning, or just people who don't like to shit where they eat when it comes to politics and social justice type issues, the presenting of a CoC looks like the scorpion trying to convince the frog to give it a ride.

It's the pol cross posters. You should have known from this being a thinly veiled politics thread.

I'm sure it's Zig Forums crossposters, but at least this one is coming from the intersection of Zig Forums and Zig Forums, not from Zig Forums posters hopping over for a single issue. I'll take it over yesterday's Facebook thread.

Can anyone give me an argument why white men shouldn't be privileged? What is gained by bringing everything down to the lowest level? It's just interfering with greatness.

it's not like i have ever used freebsd or ever had any intention of using freebsd so i guess nothing is lost but these people should all be gassed anyway

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sjw's are infesting tech with their own political cancer and advocating that this fact should be ignored or suppressed and not opposed is also politics, in their favor.

you should consider suicide

Very simple, when you have the skill to code correctly you mostly have autism, some shit childhood or past trauma, thus most devs are isolated in their domain and have extremely unknown view of how the social world works, it's as simple as that, as for the reasons of this I don't know I suppose that it's a negative conjuncture between technological changes, social adaptations and the evolution of families.

Says the SJW baby fag.

hello fellow /technology/ poster

CoCs exist all over the world. You prove they are meaningless.

Yeah he also wrote this document about how the NSA will infiltrate the FOSS world.
Fucking lol.

FreeBSD was always for proprietary software, cuck. You deserve this CoC tbh

NSA confirmed for shoving the CoC up our asses. Cant' have errant individuals using non-standard protocols.

I care more about CoC discussions on Zig Forums than about CoCs themselves at this point.

Yes, the harmful influence in this case (forum post) could be the waist of time but it's not that much harmful.
They infringed their own CoC.
Their coc explicit states that they don't judge people on what they do in their private life, he's a BDSM Gor guy in his private life and when they discovered what is fetish was it was an enough reason for them to remove him.
The infringement of their own CoC supports the idea that the people who impose them are just there for thought control it also support what the nim guy stated, with or without CoC it was a very bad motivation to removed the guy because of his personal life that didn't interfere with the project, but to remove the guy they also have to infringe their own CoC thus also adding the fact that they look like enormous tyrannical cunts.
You have to be very dense to not see what are the kind of people who pushes such set of rules (rule who are already covered in the law... well except if you live in a shithole).

More likely an example of the waist of time that it brings.

Do you think I don't see what your doing ?
Lets reverse role:
Do you have an example of CoC being useful ?

I wonder if you're sincere/just VERY new or just playing the game.
The reason like said is mostly because of the people who pushes them.
And even if the people who pushed them were truly not tyrannical, communities didn't need them before.

Lol page 10 is literally what happened with Eugene the forker of gnu social who rebranded it mastodon.

Why do you think that HTTPS suddenly became a concern worldwide only a few years after the snowmen revelation ?
NSA has broken HTTPS some time ago now.

I don't need one - I don't think they're useful. I just think they don't matter much.
People here sometimes refuse to use software because it has a CoC. That seems about as sensible to me as refusing to use software because it uses tabs instead of spaces. I do have an opinion about tabs vs spaces, but I don't think it's a big deal.
I think CoCs are bad, but I don't think they're a jewish conspiracy to sow discord in Western society or whatever. I think it's bog-standard low-impact virtue signaling at worst.

That really depends on what the software is, what you will use it for, for how long, and what alternatives are available. For example, i was thinking about switching to freebsd on my server before this CoC nonsense, but the CoC, a handful of troubling videos i saw of the devs at confrences, and the fact it's mostly developed by people who don't use the system they create, has made me change my mind. This combination of red flags has made me doubt it's viability in the long term future, and i don't want to make the switch if it's starting a decline, not when there are plenty of alternatives. Now i'm thinking i might just stick with Debian or maybe migrate to Slackware. And yes, I know Debian has a CoC (and intermitant SJW related drama), but it doesn't go as far as making digital hugs a bannable offence.

That's reasonable. CoCs might not be that bad in themselves, but they do tell you that they're the kind of people who instate CoCs. Using that information together with other information to detect a broader pattern is reasonable.
But I usually see it treated as the problem rather than as a possible symptom.

That's how they getcha. They start with making being openly gay ok, then fags get to marry, then needless surgery, then they get to the kids, then parents who do their job lose custody.
No matter how small, you should make no concessions. That forces the enemy to keep fighting for that little ground instead of slowly advancing towards your anus.

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obsd is solid and the devs all dogfood. It may just not have the features you need. They aren't trying to be an all things for all people OS.

Like said it's a redflag
For example who doesn't think that's it's a warning to not use when when you read "Oracle licensed software" ?

I agree with that see for example what the CoC of Torvalds.
Not necessarily when you read the one stated by Torvalds for example it's doesn't give any apprehension of going in a political way.

Well the symptoms of a CoC devolves from people who want to insert it, so when it happens you need to inspect who are the people who are pushing these and in most of cases it's always bad people who don't give a dam about technology.

1. Do not talk about /b/
2. Do NOT talk about /b/
3. We are Anonymous
4. Anonymous is legion
5. Anonymous never forgives
6. Anonymous can be a horrible, senseless, uncaring monster
7. Anonymous is still able to deliver
8. There are no real rules about posting
9. There are no real rules about moderation either - enjoy your ban
10. If you enjoy any rival sites - DON'T
11. All your carefully picked arguments can easily be ignored
12. Anything you say can and will be used against you
13. Anything you say can be turned into something else - fixed
14. Do not argue with trolls - it means that they win
15. The harder you try the harder you will fail
16. If you fail in epic proportions, it may just become a winning failure
17. Every win fails eventually
18. Everything that can be labeled can be hated
19. The more you hate it the stronger it gets
20. Nothing is to be taken seriously
21. Original content is original only for a few seconds before getting old
22. Copypasta is made to ruin every last bit of originality
23. Copypasta is made to ruin every last bit of originality
24. Every repost it always a repost of a repost
25. Relation to the original topic decreases with every single post
26. Any topic can easily be turned into something totally unrelated
27. Always question a person's sexual prefrences without any real reason
28. Always question a person's gender - just incase it's really a man
29. In the internet all girls are men and all kids are undercover FBI agents
30. There are no girls on the internet
31. TITS or GTFO - the choice is yours
32. You must have pictures to prove your statements
33. Lurk more - it's never enough
34. There is porn of it, no exceptions
35. If no porn is found at the moment, it will be made
36. There will always be even more fucked up shit than what you just saw
37. You can not divide by zero (just because the calculator says so)
38. No real limits of any kind apply here - not even the sky
41. Desu isn't funny. Seriously guys. It's worse than Chuck Norris jokes.
42. Nothing is Sacred.
43. The more beautiful and pure a thing is - the more satisfying it is to corrupt it
44. Even one positive comment about Japanese things can make you a weaboo
45. When one sees a lion, one must get into the car.
46. There is always furry porn of it.
47. The pool is always closed.

One reason I left Debian for OpenBSD (long ago) is because their mailing list was full of politic talk and other related waste of time. Even if this CoC is meaningless, the evil assholes are already inside the castle to raise their hell. Stick a fork in it, this project is pozzed now. At least Matt Dillon got out and made his own project. That's maybe the only hope left for FreeBSD users.
BTW, dude wrote his own compiler.

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(I'm actually seeing that delayed VoIP with other software (gnu ring) with specific ISPs)
I want the glowing niggers out of these communities

Thats because it's one of the more visible symptoms. If toxic politics and power plays were tuberculosis, a CoC like freebsd's would be the blood spekled handkerchief.

typical freebsd user

My sides. They should leave the project to the women so they can endlessly catfight instead of programming.


It's your lucky day, Mr. Triple Seven. I literally collect examples of SJWs being shits and using CoCs to usurp control of projects.

I'm on my phone right now. When I get home, I will post everything I have saved on my github SJW directory. Prepare your anus.

That's pretty cool. Can't wait. Do you update that directory often?

My body is ready.

404 Not Found

OP dun goofed it's nhybsi.mbox

I can confirm that this does, in fact, appear to be the correct file. Also

tail -n 6 nhybsi.mboxThis mail is for the internal use of the FreeBSD project committers, and as such is private. This mail may not be published or forwarded outside the FreeBSD committers' group or disclosed to other unauthorisedparties without the explicit permission of the author(s).


woah proprietary emails!!

the only acceptable CoC:

These idiots are reciting UNESCO propaganda from the 1950s and '60s I'm not going to take this in a Zig Forums direction, but those interested in the background of the study may find their answers in the author's surnames.


*authors' (correcting my pleb grammar)

While I wouldn't trust the UN, Brazil probably wasn't so bad in the 50s. Dunno if the niggers were fewer or kept at bay, probably both.

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Their solution to the race problem is the same then as it is now, segregation. They now boast some of the largest income disparities in the world. Really strange country where it is practically Germany in the south, and people live like monkeys in the favelas of the big cities.

Hahahaha, no. Even if that were true, "social and cultural" factor are a byproduct of the race, not some circumstance a group just finds themselves in.

I add every interesting github drama to my bookmarks when I see them. I should probably be archiving them using that archival site but I never got around to it. There also used to be a github-drama repository that literally collected links to those amazing shitstorms, but I think it's private now. Github asks me to login when I try to view it. Twitter mob must have gotten to the guy.

Let's do this. I'm going to post stuff related to the SJW infestation of github, not just CoC stuff. Let's start with the classic Opal transphobic maintainer thing. That slut coraline ada was literally hired by github to tone police contributors:

This issue is classic because it illustrates exactly how they usurp power. The CoC has a clause that says people they don't like should be banned from contributing. They can and will find anything to justify exclusion of the people they don't like. That meh motherfucker is a channer though and he had approximately 0 sympathy for that cunt. He even blogged about it:

The very next issue they created was one trying to add a CoC to the project. Yet another 100+ post gem:

Another feature of these CoCs is how racist and sexist they are. Basically, if you're a man or white, you're fucked.

That coraline slut is openly racist and sexist towards men and white people, yet nothing happens when it's brought up:

These faggots simply insist on pushing their faggot ass little laws on every single project that matters so they can control it. It's always "huh this doesn't have a CoC, so let's add it because who doesn't have a CoC?" See it in action:

SJWs have problems with terminology like master/slave and whitelist/blacklist:

It's stupid how much time they waste trying to be politically correct.

Biggest and most important libuv contributor gets symbolically crucified after he rejected a politically correct "improvement" because it'd clutter git history. He's a volunteer but the company felt it necessary to symbolically fire him via blog post. He said he'd quit after that but apparently came back. I wish he hadn't. Have some pride, motherfucker.

More autism over pronouns, alleged sexism and even tone. Also known as "ahh someone hurt my feelings please ban him from project the customer is always right":

Not even NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING projects are safe from the wrath of SJWs and their gender neutral pronouns agenda:

Made a self-deprecating joke? SJWs will feel like you were attacking the entire class you represent:

Continues in future posts. I'm probably close to the character limit by now.

here's another one for your collection

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forgot bout context. Basically the guy makes some tool for the messaging app Kik and promptly names it "CanIBeKikked". Triggering ensues and since english isn't the dev's main language he agrees with changing the name (or maybe he was more like a passive guy who didn't wanted trouble and let others shit on him)

It's because in the south of Brazil, many people are Germans (descended from German immigrants to Brazil, many still have blonde hair and blue eyes), and in the favelas, most people have significant African admixture.

In the end, blood will out.

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Another extremely important issue that's gone now but was archived:

Look at how these faggots operate. It's not equal opportunity with these fucks, it's equal outcome. They want commits accepted just because they were made by black people or women. When they suffer any kind of resistance, they start attacking you in the most indirect politician manner possible.

When people don't get the hint, they make thinly veiled threats:

They act like scientology and their suppressive persons. They will get in contact with whatever employer or organization you're part of and try to get them to remove you from it. Even Eric Raymond wrote about this faggotry:

This rosario guy in particular responded by creating a code of merit:

But it's useless. Github has so thoroughly infiltrated with SJWs I doubt anything can be done. It's rotten to the core. They too adopted a CoC themselves and got rid of their meritocratic horizontal social structure at the company.

CoralineAda had been hired by github:

But she was too much of a pain in the ass even for github. She whined about the company on her little blog. It contains such gems like the episode where she complained to some data scientist about how she didn't include 300 genders in a form, and github banned her from ever talking to her again:

She once tried to force CoC on the fucking JAPANESE ruby developers. The fucking japanese, who are polite beyond reason.

They're not retarded like american soyboys, and Matz literally saw the exact problem with the CoC:

Matz was not swindled by these politicians.

Thank you.

Let's not forget about the whole ayo.js debacle. Basically, some Node.js guys tweeted some shit SJWs didn't like, they tried to vote him off the project, the vote failed and they literally forked the project.

Why do they think they can do this to contributors? Because of a CoC:

People are wising up to their act, though.


OP mistyped the URL. It's correct in the OP image.

I see thx. Here's the right one

Probably why it was written that way...

What even is this?

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Pretty sure this is not legally binding.

No, you are thinking of Zig Forums, they are the ones sucking SJW CoC.

I'm not from Zig Forums, I'm just also not a communist shitstain.

How to avoid women and normalfags infesting your comfy code repos 101:
Do not host your project on facebookhub, use a detached self-hosted repository accessible only from git client, ban all gmail/other big corp addresses from mailing lists, never invite people who don't contribute in writing code.

woah, such a hard way to live rly mkaes u thnik

Well hello there, fellow 4dditor :)

I don't think that snippet of text is legally binding, either. But if you author an email, you own the copyright to it, and I suppose you could theoretically issue a DMCA takedown to someone hosting it publicly. Since plain text is so easy to copy and disseminate, however, I'm not sure how fruitful that approach would be if people really want to share your emails. Whack-a-mole.

I just thought their little admonishment was amusing, especially given the embarrassing conduct of some of the cucks like Poul-Henning Kamp or however you spell his shitty name.

Imagine being so cucked that you donated $1 million to FreeBSD, and you get to see the core team act like this.

I think it's similar to the white left problem, but add to the naivety that people in STEM think logically, talk and work with people who think logically, and, consequently, foolishly believe other people also think logically. So a CoCsucker comes up and they believe the argument must have some merit, even if they don't see it as they don't have experience as a trans otherkin with a female penis the CoCsucker must know what he's talking about or he wouldn't be bothering shoving that CoC on the project.

Depends on the country of course, but from what I read here and there it's usually bullshit. You give a letter to me, no strings attached, I can do whatever I damn well please with it. Don't like it we have to sign a contract (NDA) beforehand. This post is copyright user 2018, it may not be reproduced partly or in full, without calling OP a faggot, or you're legally required to improve TempleOS while decreasing the line count by 1k.

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This alone solves the problem. Simply don't engage with people you don't trust.

Imagine being so cucked that you donate any amount of money to anyone, ever.

Code of conducts have done nothing wrong.


You're pretty dumb

Paul-Henny Kampf, the Danish Prince.

Pretty much all of the examples given upthread are of entryists who were never invited.

Terry trips confirm.
Anything SJWs come into contact with turns to shit.

Yes. The mistake here is they took their issues seriously. Don't debate those people. Simply lock the issue and say nothing.

Personally, I like using bitbucket private repositories and sharing only with people I know in real life.

The code you need to conduct yourself by can be written in just fourteen words.

Race specific software licences when?
This program is free software for die Herrenrasse: you can redistribute itand/or modify it under the terms of the Völkisch License as published by theNational Socialist Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or(at your option) any later version.Various cultures to which honorary Aryan status has been conferred by ourFührer may also be permitted equivalent right as outlined for Herrenvolk.

The FreeBSD handbook is a literal rape manual. It is not reasonable for you to expect me to justify this conclusion.

Command line scares the normies away. All those web interfaces to make things "easier" end up being an open door to subversion.

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You're overestimating those. The real problem are:
1) They're not that intelligent; the 100-115 IQ range, basically brainlets will never learn
2) They're mentally weak, so they they take the easy path when they can (the easy path being emotions/beliefs instead of logic). Weakness is the root of all their ills; it's what makes a physical weakling, a coward, a slave morality, a mediocrity chaser and countless other despicable things

tl;dr there's nothing between autists and normies

"This license provides no warranty, and is basically the BSD license but one line"

"Race specific" licenses are not free software.

That one isn't, but they can be. I sent the Non-White-Heterosexual-Male license to Stallman, and he said he didn't like it because of the racism but did consider it to be a free software license.