Brit/pol/ #2422: Khan't Pop Him Edition

There is no news today.

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Thanks, lad, but the bullies will definitely delete this smh.

Singer tattoos Spotify Norway top list on buttock

Norway tunes in for more of ‘world’s most-boring television’

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Are you suggesting you could have made a better one?

Probably smh

Why does norway exist

Why does Worcestershire not stay in it's bottle until dinnertime?

It's always time for some sauce tbh

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Q predicted this

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They're like Denmark's Ireland or something I dunno

EU to scrap daylight savings and make it 'summer time all year long' after 80 per cent of citizens said it disrupted their sleep

literally who gives a fuck

Adolf Hitler really WAS 'just a boat ride away from building an atomic bomb' because ferry sunk by the Heroes of Telemark DID have heavy water aboard

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if only they were around to sink migrant ferries smh

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And why make it summer time all year long instead of normal time?


Lad, don't use that disgusting occult ceremony as an example of being British. Look at the Ordo Templi Orientis logo and what you posted

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Bit rude to call lasses slags, lad. Only real mentalists like to be called slags, most girls don't, even if they are actual bona fide slags.

i dunno lad i feel slag is pretty tame

It is tame, but they tend to take offence to it. Just unsurprising that's all.

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US ready to boost arms supplies to Ukraine naval and air forces, envoy says

ps. what's the latest on BASED muh Q?

He's an utter cunt, I hate him so much. I would clockwork orange the cunt and make him watch reels of Jewish manipulation, subversion, and involvement in genocide over and over until he went insane.

Lads the glow in the darks got Terry.

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He's with god now lad. It's for the best. His mind was falling apart

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Yeah but lying is a sin lad


what have I missed lads?

The Germans are very angry and the kraut media is having a meltdown over it.

you know what lads
we can greentext
all we want
I reckon more white girls have sex with black lads at the request of their white boyfriends than just do it because they want to

Helmer died in mysterious circumstances and SA is being cyberstalked by some sort of demonic poo entity

smh the rioting in the east? I caught a bit of that

souinds like the work of bins

Not even rioting, it's the media portraying it as rioting, it's all regular East Germans pissed off at the situation.

Reporter literally admits they are misreporting the situation on purpose.

I always thought the Dutch would snap first but the Krauts might surprise us all

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tbh East krauts have always been more outspoken against this, and more prone to political protests in general


hopefully they have a gas

Germany isn't a real country. They'll balkanise back into the old kingdoms, some of them being absolute cuck centrals, some of them being the heir to uncle Addy.


This was top form German borders, prove me wrong.

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We should've kept it tbh

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This tbh, the more LOCAL the better

Hanover was our clay until Queen Victoria became Queen (the Germans didn't let women inherit).

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Good lads.
But tbh if we kept Hannover we would've had a war with Bismarck.

France + Britain beats the Krauts in all instances yes sir


Lads, don't know what to do with my day. In the middle of fucking nowhere for a week or two and I'm bored as fuck, been on hikes, walks, visited local heritage sites etc but I'm just so fucking bored now.

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Yeah it would've ruined the Pax Brittanica shit we had going.

The Franco-Prussian war was pure banter tbh

I've been practicing cursive tbh, and trying to learn more about the early Anglo-Saxon kings

Find an advert for someone selling puppies and go and play with them under the pretence of buying them then say you left your wallet in the car and run away

jealous tbh

tbh people always mention the yank bunfight as the first ""modern"" war and miss the F-P war

Read the Saxon chronicle then.
I did fill a few books with hand writing, still suck at Calligraphy though, but my hand writing is nice atleast.

It was nice and all that, but I yearn for more now, wanna go diving again tbh.

KEK, don't think my puppers would appreciate that, but I like your idea.

Wow, good man. Having good handwriting marks you apart from your peers tbh. Because beauty isn't consciously prized anymore.

I guess, but it was also so I didn't smear ink all over my hand and wrist due to being a filthy lefty.
(as in left handed fuck off with that commie shit)

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Not my handwriting just the only handwritten note picture I have.

tbh my novel is currently 200 A5 hand written pages, I've only typed up a couple of thousand words so far
handwriting is still quite unclear keek


I literally used to just do the alphabet over and over or random sentences, sometimes have a stab at poetry or random short stories, creative writing etc. Scenes and that.

year 6? Fucking hell mate, I got to use a pen in year 3.

tbh you could start a diary lad, just for a bit of variety

Our school didn't have Biros just fountain pens for some reason, and I've not only always written like an absolute spacker, but used to get ink all over my hands and friends if they left me with one.


word of warning lads… it's going to get cold this winter

They were doing pretty well the last time that happened tbh excluding Russia

France owned themselves that time lad

Mass starvation was wracking Germany because of our blockade. Staggering Russian incompetence is at fault here.

Oh you mean WW2. Fair enough but is right, if the French hadn't surrendered they'd have been able to help us with their giant fleet and North African armies.



Franco Prussian war came after you pillock

oh yeah

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France was a memi during the second world war, the socialist government basically fucked their entire military production up.

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True, recently got an academic diary.

You sure you're not just a spacker, though to be fair I only started with fountain pens at 12.

Typical tbh.

When does /oursp​y/ come home lads?
It's what snow white would have wanted tbh.

It's really weird seeing Western propaganda laid over German propaganda. The Allies really had conscripted millions of foreign heathens to fight against Germany and been defeated. The German irony in that video was appropriate.

Nazi propaganda against wogs was actually very optimistic tbh

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This is a nice memi that a lot of people actually believe,that racism is taught.

I can almost feel history due to repeat itself tbh

I'll see your 2 dutch pokes and raise you 2 bong slices.

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smh they can't even use machetes right

smh I was 1 station away from there yesterday, glad they didn't cancel all trains

Uh that's a bit racist, you will find he was actually a "Newly migrated German citizen"

I doubt things will keep going as they are, if we are seeing mass protests in Germany etc now just imagine what it will be like in a few years time, and it's not just the right wing banding together in an organised fashion, I'm seeing a lot of lefties wake up and smell the ashes as well (maybe to save their own necks I dunno).


Before you say I'm retarded, the Afghan guy had his asylum accepted in Germany and jumped on the train to kill people in the Netherlands.

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Does anyone know when asylum law was first introduced? Is it part of international law?

I like the word "quintessentially", as it denotes it is British in the materialist sense, and nothing more (ie: spiritually).

Isn't quintessence the old word for ether?

I was under the impression it meant relating to the 5 senses, but I may be wrong tbh

think it was UN Convention on Refugees set up after mass displacements as ww2 ended.

earth wind fire water air

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actually wind and air are the same