Americans Eat Garbage

Americans eat a 90% garbage diet and it's destroying them.

But wait, it gets better …

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"…researchers discovered eating a junk food diet of macaroni and cheese, lunchmeat, sausage biscuits and microwavable meals, participants’ muscles lost the ability to oxidize glucose after a meal, which can lead to insulin resistance."



In other news, water is wet.

Eating a standard American diet literally makes you a degenerate. What are you doing about your health?

Drinking water exclusively.

hope it is rainwater or filtered and high ph

sage negated



the guy has plenty of articles on soy too. very red pilled site. i recommend it to everyone here.

yeah pretty much

Distilled is best other than a deep as hell artesian well in a quiet area, without any (((fracking))).

I noticed lately a strong correlation between diet and intelligence in new-shitpostingland.

Whenever I'm shopping for new things, I'll spend an autistic amount of time picking up different brands and reading the nutritional labels and ingredients. I'll spend 10-20 minutes trying to find something healthy for that particular food, and sometimes I give up and don't get it at all. For example, when I started eating greek yogurt I checked the labels for the pre-flavored options, and they had a whopping 24g sugar per serving! That is in no manner healthy. The plain is only 6g sugar per serving. I mix my greek yogurt with granola and some blackberries.

Right now I've got a good selection of foods and my grocery trips are streamlined: whole wheat durum spaghetti, spelt bread and flour, organic apples and bananas to name a few…and the organic versions of most foods are only a dollar or two more than their non-organic counterpart. Certified Humane eggs are free range eggs that are actually free range and not "free range". There is a noticeable difference in texture of the eggshells and the color of the yolk in these eggs versus the normal eggs that you probably buy store brand. The eggshells are not bumpy, and the yolk is a darker, orange color. These things are directly related to the nutrition the chickens have received.

If you decide to change the food you eat, be prepared for spending an additional hour or even two in the supermarket inspecting labels. A lot of the food on the shelves is utter garbage, and you might have to go to a specialty store for some things, which I do for my spaghetti and bread.

And honestly, a lot of the food I eat now is tastier than what I was eating before. I let taste dictate the final word, because if it's not enjoyable to eat, why bother?

No Country of Origin required for Beef sold in the USA; Grass Fed, Angus, USDA, means nothing about the Country of Origin.
Organic comes from other than the US as well Country of Origin Labeled in Grocery Store, but not at Restaurants.
Farm to Table means nothing, could be a Prison Farm or College Farm. Farms (which are companies) "move" (launder) Foreign produce (including Organic) through their system, and into Restaurant and processed foods.

Did not even touch on all the Labeling Laws; Clean, Fresh, Cheese, Hand Crafted, buzz words that mean nothing.

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>(((Eric Schlosser)))

Well done, user.

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Inactivity is worse than junk food, although it's not hard to avoid eating garbage if you cook your own damn food from items purchased on the outer walls of a grocery store. If you sprint and lift a few times per week and your body can handle a less than optimal diet. If you're not doing that you're going to be in shit health no matter what you eat.

what cha doing there Rumsfeld

So many unfounded premises and ridiculous generalizations. "Processed" can mean anything, including a huge number of treatments that improve the health outcomes of consuming a product. False premises:
"Processing food is bad"
"Sugar is bad"
"Fat is bad"
None of these have any scientific consensus.


Added sugar is bad. Naturally occuring sugar in fruits is fine. Just rinse your mouth with some water after eating it, if you are able. An unrelated quirk with fruits is that they are acidic in the mouth, but when digested have an alkaline effect on the body.
Only trans fat is bad.

He says, based on nothing at all.

Then please explain how you will get all the benefits of fruits without eating fruit.

I don't need to explain your made up nonsense you retard. Eat fruit all you want. It has no special benefits. Sugar is fine, there's nothing special or different about sugar in fruit vs sugar removed from fruit.

You neurotic niggers are absolutely retarded if you think it's fruit causing poor health and not just being a lazy non exercising faggot.


As I said before, fruit has an alkaline effect on the body which will raise your saliva pH. You will not maintain a healthy mouth if your saliva is acidic, because it will prevent healing of your teeth and gums. This is why I also said you should rinse your mouth after eating fruit, to remove the initial acid from your teeth. Most Americans have an acidic saliva pH, because they do not eat fruits and green vegetables to balance the acidic nature of meat.

Pro-Tip: If your food has a label, it probably isn't healthy. I don't read labels because I buy whole, unprocessed foods that don't have complex nutrition labels.

Saying made up bullshit doesn't matter. You can tell all the stories about xenu you want, but it won't make it real. Provide evidence or fuck off.

Ok, so since you morons need an up date on how the glycemic index works:

Fruit sugar IS better than processed sugar ONLY in the context where you eat the whole fruit (minus peels like on bananas, etc) because of the FIBER! You take the fiber count and cut it in half and reduce that number from the total sugar content of the fruit. You diabetics (should) know this better than the average joe because that's how you calculate insulin doses.

Fruit juice is still somewhat bad for you (not as bad as things sweetened with sugar or corn syrup, the variety of sugars present in fruit is a good thing, and doesn't tax the digestive system tackling only 1 form of sugar) because of the lack of fiber.

So eat the fucking fruit, but eat it whole, don't drink it. Keep in mind you shouldn't have candy on top of the fruit unless you don't eat anything else with sugar all day…

I agree Americans are eating shit but broccoli is a shit vegetable, it tastes awful and doesn't pair well with much. Corn and carrots are better.

Don't worry, as you get older you lose bitter taste buds. By the time you hit puberty green vegetables will taste good.

Here's a cap for American anons

Corn has no nutritional value whatsoever. Carrots are perfect

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Oh Schlomo, come on now. You aren't even trying to pass for white. Your claim is that fruit will raise your saliva PH. A study showing the negative effects of non-neutral saliva does not support your claim. And your chart is from a batshit loony hippy group that thinks crystal energy can heal your chakra.

What a dumbfuck.
Here is the truth:
Hamburg steak
Polish sausage
Foods purposely associated with "fast food" so as to villainize Indo-european cultures.

Eis/Glacé is keto.
The Standard American Diet is a mix of Indo-european foods that have kept Europeans healthful for thousands of years.
But only if you make the meals from scratch.
Sprout your grains/legumes.
And ferment your breads and pastas.

Cruciferous greens are best greens.

Bok choy
Brussels sprouts
Chinese cabbage
Collard greens
Daikon radish
Land cress
Mustard greens
Shepherd’s purse

That that company sells water filters, and the parent company sells air filters as well. They don't sell food or believe in "crystal energy".
You haven't once countered my claims and have instead just called me names. I've provided more than enough evidence.

I'll try to eat better, Aghdam.

I don't need to counter you claim, you need to support it. You have provided absolutely no evidence. Some hippies putting foods into a chart is not evidence, it is just someone else making the same baseless claim as you. If fruit changes the PH of your saliva, that is trivially easy to test. So where are the studies demonstrating this effect?

In the end the problem is cost and time. Natural foods are getting more and more expensive, at least in canada, heck going to sitdown resteraunts is sometimes cheaper for the near equivalent of some simple dishes its that bad. Fish also shot up in price in the last 20 years which is actually bad in the maritimes, though for some fucking reason its cheaper in central provinces which import our fish which then we have to buy back from for more than they paid. And I wont even get into vegetables. But thats the minor problem compared to the fact families need 2 full time income earners who have no time to cook if they even know how to not even enough time to prep a slow cooker meal. Which ultimately breaks any reason to cohabitate. If anything is needed again, its a push for single income cohabitation again I dont just mean "women in the kitchen" but the one who works better works and the one who does house work better makes delicious meals, regardless of sex. That said, any women who does not have hard stem education or a trade should probably learn how to housework. But I could say the same of any soyboy.

I never understood whats the point of american convenience food being stuffed with all those weird additives.

Work keeps me away from home alot, often weeks at a time, so i cant stock up fresh ingredients regularly, hence i keep a big supply of frozen meals and convenience stuff.
After watching a bunch of WolfePit on YT, where he shows the ingredients, i started looking at what we get over here in germoney.
The frozen meals contain nothing but meat, vegetables and spices, with only the most innocous fillers many people also use for fresh cooking. Even some non frozen microwave dishes that keep for months have only Vitamin C as a preservative.
Those are the cheapest i could find aswell, maybe not gas-station or dollar store tier, but from your average grocery shop.

Its like they are intentionally trying to poison you.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch “Fed Up.” Everyone in this thread should. Talks about how bad sugar is, though it’s sort of leads you to think that the solution is more government regulation instead of just taking charge of your pathetic diet. But it reveals the danger of sugar consumption and the extreme amount of lobbying done by the sugar giants

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is that really true? Just buy your produce from a chink grocery store where they sell near expiry food and stick it in the freezer. The only thing I really hate paying for is the $5/lb chicken breast that I eat every day.

WTF are you talking about? Even cheap shit like pasta is $15 at any restaurant. Chicken or turkey is $2/pound or less. Steak routinely goes on sale for $6-7/pound. Cabbage, carrots, onions, potatoes, etc are all dirt cheap. When we still bought food we were spending $80 a week to feed a family of 5.

Everyone should watch it and then look up the lies he is spouting and realize how full of shit he is. It is typical jewish controlled opposition tactics. They sell you a problem, then sell you a fake solution to the problem. Just like they pretend (((capitalism))) is the cure for (((communism))).

Yup. Eat a keto or paleo diet, simple as that. You'll lose weight, sleep better, and have more energy and mental sharpness. I went keto for a few months last year, restarted at the beginning of this year and I can't say enough good things about it. This time around I've learned it's a lifestyle diet, not a short-term "diet plan." When you view it as a permanent lifestyle change, it helps you stick with it because there isn't an alternative.
I'd also recommend you guys read some about metabolic diseases and the metabolic theory of cancer. Basic theory is that when your mitochondria burns more than 1/3 glucose (versus ketone bodies) you have a higher chance of creating unpaired electrons (free radicals). The basic math says that the more unpaired electrons, the higher chance you develop cancer among other bad health issues.

To the fruit-niggers arguing above, most of the "Benefits" of fruit come from a couple items: fiber, vitamin c, and "anti-oxidants". I'll address them in order.
You can get plenty of fiber from vegetables.
When your body is burning ketone bodies instead of glucose and your are intermittently fasting a funny effect has been observed in recent years that goes against the grain, your adrenal glands secrete vitamin c and your liver absorbs on top of that vitamin c more efficiently.
Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant, you don't need a truck load of anti-oxidants pummeling your system if you're not creating free-radicals due to a shitty diet.
So, no, you don't need shitty fruit in your diet. Do not eat carbohydrates, it's that fucking simple. Yes, you will be hungry for a while, then you won't. Use your aryan will power to overcome this short-term (mostly mental) pain for life long health and success.

I'm not sourcing all of this shit, i've researched this stuff for the past 18 months or so. Simple (((google))) searches should turn up the relevant information for everything I've mentioned here. Also, lookup Otto Warburg's research. He figured most of this shit out during WW2 and his research was suppressed by the (((Allied))) nations after the war.

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That's some pretty fascinating stuff. Do you have a source for that? My preliminary searching is mostly returning SPIRIT SCIENCE stuff unrelated to a keto diet, and I'd like to look into this a bit more.

Afraid I can't believe that, unfortunately.

We wuz star wars and shieet

I spend about $20 a week on food for my lunches/dinners. I cook with whole ingredients and nothing processed. I did my meal prep yesterday and it tastes good while getting me a ton of useful nutrients. I waste nothing. Can post pics.

Broccoli may be good for you but it tastes terrible.

Not Zig Forums fuck off you stupid fucking hebe cunt.

The minimum is 50% calories from fats.
The max for safety reasons is 75% calories from fats.
No polyunsaturated fats, tho.
Mostly Saturated and Monounsaturated fats.
Animal fats.
Coconut Oil.
Avocado Oil.
Olive Oil.
Peanut Oil.

All carbs are fibre.
Soluble and insoluble fibre.
Fibre ferments in colon forming 60% of stool.
Psyllium husk is good add.

Raw milk, yogurt, and kiefer.
Sprouted and fermented grains, breads, and pasta.
Fermented vegetables, dills, and kraut.
Don't forget to sprout your legumes.

Don't over steam it.
Add grass-fed raw-cream butter.
Salt and pepper if you still need it.

Blut und Boden, motherfuckers.
Cities = cancer.

Thank you for the simple tips, user. Pretty much what I do but I don't call it keto or whatever, just eating healthy.

Dominic D'Agostino
The Power of the Ketogenic Diet
For a good start.

Okay, just research it.

Simple explanation:
When starting ketosis your blood sugar levels are low in the beginning until gluconeogenesis starts. Once gluconeogenesis begins your body starts regulating it's blood-sugar levels with glucogenic amino acids by breaking down lipids from your diet. This increase in cortisol which your adrenal gland creates as a response to stress, aka low-blood sugar causes a adrenocorticotropic hormone response which triggers the vitamin-c secretion.

TL;DR When your adrenocorticotropic hormones are elevated the adrenal glands secrete vitamin c.

Eating "balanced" is no meme.
Even tho the "My Plate" is a joke.

By volume:
1/3 fats
1/3 carbs
1/3 protein
Because protein and carbs are 4 calories per gram.
And fats are ~8 calories per gram.
Diet is ~50% calories from fat.

Appreciate it.

Very interesting. I know that humanity apparently lost the ability to synthesize its own vitamin C a long time ago, but that might be because of a relative lack of regular stress in our lives. The idea of using your diet to force your body to regularly synthesize it is a novel approach, and it might be the most genius means of doing it I've ever heard of.


I always stick to the outside edges of markets where the whole, unprocessed foods are. Sometimes I need to pick up dried or canned goods though. Anything with an ingredients list greater than like 5 things is an automatic "no", helps streamline shopping. I always shoot for organic, anti-biotic free etc etc when I can.

That's the conclusion I came to.

"Body alkalinity" is complete junk science hogwash pushed by the (((supplement industry))). Try again.

Again - it is useless to say "sugar is bad." Sugars are a family of compounds, all having differing effects on the digestive system and metabolized differently. Ditto for fats. Unless you can at least name the compound you are attempting to vilify, you are just spouting unscientific marketing talking points.

Are you really that stupid?

Just keep a crock pot going. Meat & veg kept on

Study and put in to action:

-Organic gardening
-Permaculture principals
-Companion Planting

Do this and set yourself free


>Distilled is best other than a deep as hell artesian well in a quiet area, without any (((fracking))).
I found a few near me with
and I'm going to scout out a few soon.

Keto diet is superior to all others. Your body feels lighter and you have unlimited energy.

Imagine being this stupid.

I eat far too much sugar… I do it to myself. I pour sugar on too much food. It's just too good.

Keto is the stupidest most reddit thing in history.

The worst part of this is that normalfag republican rednecks actually think junkfood is good because it's "middle american comfort food." I'm at my wits end dealing with rednecks and trying to convince them that single payer healthcare/organic food/walkable cities are all goals to strive for in a white society. They think "that's socialist and not FREEDUMB." Liberty and capitalism are anti white because they divide the white populist into "individuals" rather than uniting them as a national unit with which to combat der juden.

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The short answer is some of it is to promote addiction and others shelf life

You are regurgitating fruit industry marking. Fruit has no special benefits. Everything fruit does other things can do better without the sugar.

Fruit should be a seasonal treat, not a constant part of anyone's diet.

It depends on when you eat them. Eat fruit for breakfast or after cardio when your blood sugar is at it's lowest.

I'm more than a little sceptical of these claims as according to the CDC's own data when you account for age distribution the white population has about the same rate of obesity as they did in 1985. What change was more, niggers(most obese demographic after dykes), spics(second only to niggers), and aging boomers who are all puddy faggots.

I have sure-fire weight loss program that will guarantee fitness when coupled with minimal exercise. EAT LESS!

There is also the issue that most respondents
to all surveys and polls are 1) nonwhite, 2)liberal, or 3) urbanite. So people I don't care about and want to be obese and unhealthy.

I'll have to disagree to some extent, partly because I've never heard a redneck use the word "comfort food". The rural areas have slobs but they also have diamond hard asses. Cleetus the hick is superior to Hans the overman. Hans needs to be encouraged to be strong while Cleetus does it on his own. Hans would balk at stomping the skulls of kike-children to pulp while Cleetus would laugh. Hans is motivated by his love for his people while Cleetus is motivated by his hatred for his enemies. There is a certain advantage to natural selection killing off everybody but the most cruel bastards with a natural proclivity toward traditionalism and reproduction. I am seeing more and more of these people over the years as modernity sterilizes all the others. I hope some day soon I'll hear a public figure on television pronounce "happiness holds no value".

Processing sugar in to all American foods is a British conspiracy to give Americans bad teeth just like them!

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Cleetus sounds like a fed

The reason it doesn't make its own vitamin C is because it is metabolically expensive to do so, so unless it is absent from the environment and there is stimulus which indicates food(the external source of the vitamin) is scarce the body doesn't produce it.

This isn't some secret means to achieve health is just the body being energy conservative.

Once again it seems that a simple solution to the fucking problem isn't any fancy diet but rather a simple two-step processs.



Its really simple, if you use more than you take in you will loose weight and muscles consume more calories even when not in use to increasing muscle density and cross section will cause an increase in caloric consumption by the body.

I don't know why this is hard.

"Pizza" is an extremely delicate word, sadly. Who knows what they actually meant, though I can deduce it, but I'm too scared to say it.

Has "fed" just come to mean "shit I don't like"?

oy very what do you mean you want to know what we put in your food? Just choose what looks good and eat it, goyim.

I'm sure they love the taste of cheese pizza

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So do you just smoke it or…?

Oh, no, don't be mistaken. I'm just impressed that there's a current way for the human body to make its own vitamin C. Prior to this thread, I was under the impression that we'd be fucked if the citrus fruits of the world disappeared. Also prior to this thread, the only answer to such a scenario I'd ever heard of was to use that Neanderthal DNA they managed to harvest some few years ago to produce a clone, then breed the ability back into humanity.

It's just a neat factoid to me, that's all.

You're just straw-manning, you have supplied no argument or evidence. I hope you know you're being a troll, if not, you're in some serious denial and you need to analyze yourself before making an ass out of yourself. Or just another low IQ subhuman. Either way, piss off.

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You need to tell them that they need to adopt the food and traditions of their ancestors, the original patriots. Ferment their own beer, ale, wine, pickles and even mead. Grow their own tobacco, preserve their own meat, and make the dishes that their great-great-great grandparents used to enjoy, for far cheaper a making cost than any of these dishes made with garbage.
Find a potluck staffed by good ole boys (proper name for hillbillies) and bring some awesome traditional American food to it, and possibly homemade ginger beer.

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How about you go on keto for a few weeks just eating hot dogs and shots of MCT oil and see how you feel.

greek yoghurt is tough because almost no brands aren't just adding sugar and pectin to thicken, and the strained kind that is low in sugar is rare. Sometimes the generic store brand will have that.

As for eggs, yolk color alone is not a great indicator, since they tend to feed certain plants that increase the color but won't appreciably help the food value. Another thing is how they look when broken, they shouldn't be watery or soft. Top, not bottom

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forgot a page or two

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Are probiotics a meme or are they legit?
Would taking probiotic supplements be beneficial, especially for someone who has had a poor diet and is looking to improve?

lol imagine being this retarded

Probiotics are 100% legit. Gut flora is extremely important to your mental and emotional well being. Glyphosate in all of our wheat products is destroying everyone's gut flora which is the actual cause of the current "allergic to gluten" trend. This is a big advantage of the ketogenic diet, not eating glyphosate. It's the cause of autism, premature and underweight births, and all sorts of medical issues.

Geez Dr. Sheckleberg, how does "sugar is addictive poison we need to ban it" have anything to do with knowing what is in our food? Don't the ingredients already tell us what is in our food? Why do you need to have control over what we can eat?

Why would you respond to the simple statement that keto is a reddit fag fad diet with the most reddit post in history?

Scam. Eating bacteria doesn't do shit for you if the environment you put them in isn't good. Changing your diet can increase good bacteria in your gut, eating good bacteria won't unless you killed them off with antibiotics in the first place.