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im fairly certain there's already a thread on this, but is there any actual legitimate evidence that Stalin slaughtered millions of people, or imprisoned innocents, or did any of the things people say he did?

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marxism.halkcephesi.net/Grover Furr/Furr tortsky japan.pdf

Yes, he slaughtered and imprisoned innocent people, millions, probably not.

[Zoom in on Robert Conquest screaming as he rolls over in his grave]

Stalin paid the clouds not to rain and ate all the grain himself.

im fairly certain there's already a thread on this, but is there any actual legitimate evidence that Hitler slaughtered millions of people, or imprisoned innocents, or did any of the things people say he did?


Except there's mountains of evidence for the holocaust etc and little to none for Stalin killing millions of people.

Not a single person died under Stalin

Except nazis who were in soviet territory


Name one crime

Not a shred. Everyone sentenced was legitimate.

He didn't just say "Yo we should go and shoot people for no reason lmao"
Some people got executed? Yeah. Not millions.
Nobody's perfect. Gotta put criminals somewhere.
Holodomor wasn't Stalin's fault

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I mean the purges kinda were like that yeah

Fucking revisionists, he brought back fallen soliders in the great patriotic war.

even if you are right about death toll revisionism, its a bad look and bad praxis
you all need to think more about optics

Here was me thinking most of the executions n shit were done by the NKVD

“We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror.”

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he said people,user

This. It's time to revive the skeleton memes. Death to the liberals. Communism killed 100 million? It should have been 200 million.

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We should capture Porkies, and then force them to breed, and breed, and breed, until there are 300 billion of them. And then kill them and flood the Earth with their blood.

You know how Neo-Nazis have Skulls and Bones? We need to be scary as fuck too.

Glory to the Union of Skeletal Socialist Republics!
Kill Em All ∞BCE - ∞CE
I am skeleton man
7,757,864,530 DEAD LIBERATED

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How to bring about a Communist Revolution:

1.) Get fit
2.) Be spooky with Skulls, Bones, CHAOS, and etc. Be Edgy As Fuck
3.) Make no apologies. Anyone who dies is a Fascist.

you can go all Dzerzhinsky on people after the revolution, but it makes no sense to decelerate the dialectic by turning off lumenprole normies by larping about how some dictator only killed 500,000 instead of a gorillion

Dude Nazis go all HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG, why can't we?


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sure on his orders.

Must've been thinking about some other event.
Still though, the purges were done for a reason. Can't have counterrevolutionaries hanging about.

Alright now the first pic is stupid. How would bone grow hair?

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Going after the means of production like:

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During the 1937-1938 great purge, Stalin and other members of the Politburo authorized 383 lists of executions and imprisonment for about 44,000 people, of which not at all were carried out (Furr makes a good case for this in his Khrushchev book). This is is the only actual evidence of Stalin directly having people killed (stalin.memo.ru)
For NKVD arrests, archival evidence indicates that between 642,980 people (Rudenko, Kruglov, Gorshenin memorandum to Khrushchev, 1954) and 799,455 people (Getty, Rittersporn, and Zemskov, 1993) were sentenced to death between 1921 and 1953. Like I said above, not all the executions were carried out, I'll quote Austin Murphy (Triumph of Evil, 2000) to explain: "The figure of 800,000 may greatly overestimate the number of actual executions, as it includes many who were sentenced to death but who were not actually caught or who had their sentences reduced (Getty, Rittersporn, and Zemskov, 1993). In fact, Vinton (1993) has provided evidence indicating that the number of executions was significantly below the number of civilian prisoners sentenced to death in the Soviet Union, with only 7305 executions in a sample of 11,000 prisoners authorized to be executed in 1940 (or scarcely 60%)."
tl;dr No. There isn't.

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Quoting Ismail from /marx/:

This is a great thread on the topic
Ismail expertly dispels myths about the Moscow Trials and provides a level-headed analysis of Stalin's paranoia and actions.

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You're no better than Holocaust deniers

Yep, researching the gulag system is the same as denying the holocaust



You might want to switch around the evidence part faggot

facts don't care about your feewees

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your argument literally means nothing, it's almost on par with the "u live under capitalism yet use iphone???". like wow i don't believe that this one historical event was an orchestrated genocide therefore i must also hold this view point for literally every other event in history of it's nature or else i'm a hypocrite. totally makes sense, lets throw all the different conditions out of the window because things like this are just plain black and white. how could i have been so daft?

Yeah but there's evidence for both the Holocaust and the Great Purge, defending either one of those makes you a blind ideology cuck, just like nazis.

The actual evidence of the great purge contradicts the mainstream narrative.

watchmanreports.com/holocaust-truth/ same about the holocaust

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So was Trotsky never assassinated or did he just not exist?

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Nobody who actually has any actuall good points is denying anything, you illiterate, Ghanaian, wife circumcision practicing, cabbage.

I said actual evidence you drooling retard.

le anarkiddie strawmans marxists, volume 1944343

Wtf is this shit?

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Fascists aren’t human

Not all anarchists

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They think fucking Antifa, was somehow involved in killing kulaks. I don't think we can combat that.

yeah no, fuck your "le both sides r bad" meme.
i'm not denying purges happened, but don't try and bullshit me.

Not really. He did do a lot of good for the Russian people, but his efforts were ultimately a failure and led to the dissolution of the USSR. At the end of the day though, he was a corrupt power hungry bureaucrat who killed his own comrades for political gain.


I'd like some of the shit those guys are on.

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And that’s when I found out it’s actually a comedy. The absolute state of western media.

The idiocy of Trots to accuse MLs of that but employing this bullshit themselves

Papa Stalin was unironically a good man. don't quote me.

What's up with the claims of anti semitism on Stalin? Did he or the Union even give a single shit about Jews?

Stalin likely had personal prejudices against Jews, but didn't particularly believe that Jews should be repressed.

In answer to your inquiry :

National and racial chauvinism is a vestige of the misanthropic customs characteristic of the period of cannibalism. Anti-semitism, as an extreme form of racial chauvinism, is the most dangerous vestige of cannibalism.

Anti-semitism is of advantage to the exploiters as a lightning conductor that deflects the blows aimed by the working people at capitalism. Anti-semitism is dangerous for the working people as being a false path that leads them off the right road and lands them in the jungle. Hence Communists, as consistent internationalists, cannot but be irreconcilable, sworn enemies of anti-semitism.

In the U.S.S.R. anti-semitism is punishable with the utmost severity of the law as a phenomenon deeply hostile to the Soviet system. Under U.S.S.R. law active anti-semites are liable to the death penalty.

J. Stalin
January 12, 1931

First published in the newspaper Pravda, No. 329, November 30, 1936


just further attempts to smear him and compare the SU to nazi germany

J. Stalin
January 12, 1931

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During the Great Purge the head of the NKVD was a guy named Nikolai Yezhov. Yezhov was a psychopath who abused his authority in the NKVD and had many innocent people imprisoned and/or killed. He hid this from Stalin and the Politburo for as long as he could but was eventually found out. He admitted to collaborating with the Germans to overthrow Stalin by misusing the NKVD to turn people against the government. Yezhov was tried and executed for his crimes and replaced with Lavrentiy Beria who immediately began reviewing the cases of people imprisoned by Yezhov and started releasing innocents by the tens of thousands. One of these people was actually general Konstantin Rokossovsky, one of the best Red Army officers of the war who planned Operation Bagration and led the Victory Day parade in Moscow in 1945. The Purge was necessary to get rid of legitimate spies, saboteurs and traitors, but unfortunately Yezhov fucked things up and many innocent people were killed. Additionally, many of the aforementioned innocents were falsely prosecuted at the local level and executed by NKVD troikas. Altogether, I believe the total figure of executions during the Purge was about 600,000 or so. Not all of those people were innocent, but unfortunately many were. Stalin was not responsible for that though, as the cases were mishandled at the local level and the organization responsible for orchestrating the purges was corrupted by Yezhov, who was ultimately punished for his wrongdoings. The NKVD was subsequently rebuilt into a properly functioning organization under Beria.
Besides defeating Hitler and turning the USSR into an industrialized socialist superpower that launched the first person into space in the span of one generation, no.

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Most of the people killed in the Great Purge were innocent, convicted on made-up charges and forced confessions.

Hoxha in his paranoia built 700,000 bunkers. No one is defending him saying that was necessary. Why can't you have a more nuanced view of Stalin? One other than "he *literally* did nothing wrong".


Trotsky was a Nazi
marxism.halkcephesi.net/Grover Furr/Furr tortsky japan.pdf

takes you to
takes you to
Just read the whole thread over at /marx/.

I admit Stalin made mistakes, but the Purges were likely necessary because of the sheer level of corruption and sabotage that was occurring. In my Soviet history course our professor pointed to an example in the book he assigned us where local party officials were using machinery and materials intended to build factories and worker housing to build themselves extravagant homes. Industrial sabotage was rampant as well. John Littlepage, an American engineer who went to the USSR to assist with the industrialization, had many stories of encountering intentional sabotage. The Purges were mostly handled at a local level and the people responsible for fucking up and killing innocents were local officials and NKVD officials working for Yezhov. The idea that Stalin was orchestrating the whole operation from above doesn't fit with the evidence. It was undoubtedly a poorly handled operation, but I disagree with holding Stalin mostly responsible for it when the people most responsible for fucking it up were Yezhov and the local officials that handled the individual cases.


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I like Stalin, but there's zero evidence, and you idiots just have to say "it might've happeneded", it order to diss a dead guy

*in i want death

Grover Furr is such a badass though.




I say we roll with it - antifa killed the kulaks, the romanov kids, and Louis and Marie Antoinette too!

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The ran over SuccDems in Prague in tanks, too.


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Hell yeah I am. Hoxha didn't build 700k bunkers, he planned to but the number built was near 200,000. He wasn't paranoid either. Tell me, what nation next to Albania got bombed the crap out of it a few years later?

It's the balkans dude, everythings exploded at least once, down there

As far as I read. You haven't even read the linked /marx/ thread, as evidenced by your "Yes, but…" response. If you won't bother to read what's been written before you post a long stream-of-consciousness post, why should anyone read what you have to say?

Besides, those bunkers wouldn't do shit against bombers. Have you seen the bunkers? They wouldn't have provided much resistance if a country decided to invade. Bunkers became obsolete when bombing became a military tactic in WWII. It was bombing that defeated Nazi Germany and Japan, ruined Vietnam, North Korea, etc.


where is the source on these?

Literally just like "lmao sandniggers bomb each other anyway"


ah, so it's just textwalls claiming "there's no evidence"

Where is the evidence?