Brit/pol/ #1990: Unbelievably Smug Edition

EU’s NIGHTMARE: Shock report says bloc is facing post-Brexit budget CRISIS


BBC Lauds Police Chief Who Gave Up Job Over Brexit, Wanted to Change Surname to ‘UKRemainEU’

More security on Irish border could mean civil disobedience, Sinn Féin says

Mayor unveils plans for gender neutral public toilets in London

Royal Clarence Hotel rebuild set for green light

Belgian pilot who flew secret missions with the SAS during the Cold War jailed for 14 years for smuggling £2.5m of cocaine into the UK in Faversham

A finance officer appeared in court today accused of stealing more than three quarters of a million pounds from a Notting Hill Carnival charity

Books in Islamic Schools Teach Marital Rape and Domestic Violence

The food is far too Western, complain detained migrants: Caterers at removal centre are told to make meals 'more diverse'

Sharks devour 31 people after two migrant boats capsize in the Mediterranean

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nth for black Christians are based

3t for Blimpf

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nth for even Hitler said to stop larping

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You wanted the (You)s and you got them lad, don't complain

4rd for BASTE blacks

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I would rather live in a commune of qt jewesses than with a load of black christians tbh

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*LARPs regardless*

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It's LARPING right out of the gate episode

has the babies face been edited

stop larping lad seriously

I unironically wouldn't, they'd kill you in your sleep for your precious bodily fluids


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I would rather live in a remote village in France or Spain with Christians than with british atheists tbh

also I'm Christian SA please dont bully me

they need me alive to get my precious bodily fluids

Top lad.

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New Suicide Machine With Detachable Coffin Lets You Kill Yourself Anytime, Anywhere

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I met an old woman from Uganda or somewhere once, who would openly talk about God all the time. It was nice. I guess that's what we used to be like.

Fucking about time

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respectable, but I dont have much against atheists but satanists. Atheists are just fools but I mean people who actively do the devils work like SJWs


*stops for a bit but starts LARPing again*

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tbh at the end of the day we're all just LARPing as our ego

What a time to be alive.

That was the first thing I thought of n'all.

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Fucking kek

I'd love to live in the French Basque tbh. Probably full of em now though, great memories of it as a kid in the 90'


Fitting tbh

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"Everything is LARPing" is actually the most profound philosphical statement of our time

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This but unironically

Same with British interestes, smh

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Too fuckin smart for me, tbh lads.

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Sounds comfy, I'd like to go one day, preferably sail there.

Which makes it ridiculous that some people on Zig Forums actually get arsepains over it


*asserts that the afterbirth is the root of all religion*

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He doesn't actually stand for anything, he just talks in centrism as much as possible.

Anyone got the Anglo memi with Hengest and Horsa?

Did I ever tell (you) lads about when I was a kid on holidays in a coy French campsite near the border. Went out on a windsurf board with no wind and crushed my bollock on the board and had to wade back in agony to the beach where my whole family laughed at me. I'll never forget that feeling of injustice, getting laughed at in pain level 10/10 smh

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I hope you arent using it to larp. Saxons dont exist btw and the English have nothing to do with them.

Did you ever get revenge?

Anglos and Saxons come from the same area of german swampland smh

Brythonic 4 lyfe

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the one where they meet up again and he looks like mosley

No lel. Banter levels were a bit too high in my family smh. I was just happy my testicle didn't have to be removed, holy fuck the pain

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The Commandment, "Thou shalt not commit adultery" refers to race mixing. There is already one commandment against infidelity ("Thou shalt not covet your neighbour's wife"). Adultery comes from the Latin “adulterium,” which means “to adulterate; defined as "to make impure by adding extraneous, improper, or inferior ingredients."

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Didn't we have this conversation last thread or the thread before?

I was literally rolling on the ground, they were in hysterics laughing. Must have been some sight tbf

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thank (you)

How messy is your room?

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Lad stop you're killing me here

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This was posted as a troll the other day lel, how could that offend anyone it's hilarious.

dunno, you were probably larping the whole time


God made the separate nations of the Earth for a reason is all I'm saying, race mixing is unnatural you dont need a biblical verse for that.

Not that messy at all honestly, maybe they're right



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The only thing that's currently left out is a scarf and a pair of jeans that I just got changed out of.

It's a sort of ordered chaos.

My room's an absolute tip tbh

Yeah but you're a commie.

That's fine in a way, although you really should keep things in drawers and boxes tbh

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I'm not the archetype these fucks like Peterson go on about, (messy, bouts of severe lazyness) was not Conservative innately until I saw the way the wind was blowing. But I was always against open borders and demographic change even as a liberal faggot. Maybe extremists are liberals like Sargon say's horseshoe and Conservatives are the good goy clean room types.

At least all the men's clothes on my floor are mine, lad

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ic bebregdan oþ béon hæðenisc

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>"whatever the case, Mars needs more immigrants, without them it will not survive"

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10/10 lad

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For the trip lad

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This lad gets so autistic over Saxons. Just because some nationwide study states that there isn’t many Saxon genes here doesn’t there isn’t Saxons. Obviously Cardiff is going to have less Saxon genetics than Essex.

Are you ginger?

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kek lad

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I think I'm temperamentally quite liberal to be honest, in as much as I like weird shit and novelty. I'm just not stupid enough to want to tear down every wall, only to find myself out in the wind and the rain, with a ceiling collapsing in on me.

30% saxon in the south, east and middle

It was a gay club


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to wed in Windsor in May. Ms Markle, 36, a protestant, will be baptised into the Church of England and confirmed before the wedding


Hahahaha. Honestly, that is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Think I’d rather hang around with soy riddled cucks and dyed hair lesbians than that. What a fucking embarrassment. MAGA.

Which is why I included the archive link.

Good lad

he is a soy cuck tho look at his "pls like me" smile

Lad, half the lads on the chans test as intp. Intp's are known for being untidy. Our enemies are fricking clueless tbh.

(Myers Briggs seems a bit like cold reading, but it does document certain obvious behavioural patterns and their relationships to each other)

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Cheaper to buy a 20yr old Vauxhall Corsa.

her god is MAMMON

honestly, this is better than the amerimutt memi

Both my grans were ginger, and I am. I'm actually from Essex too. Most of the family on my dads side are blonde and blue eyed, they're from Essex as far as the records go (late 1700s) and they've got a Germanic (pre 7th century) last name which happens to mean "little fish" probably because my ancestor was a manlet kek. I consider myself to be an anglo-saxon because my mums family are also from a germanic settlement near the Scottish border. But theres always been one user who freaks out and calls me a LARPer for we wuz saxoning, so I've been taking the piss out of him and taking his larping argument to the extreme ever since. Just so you know I'm being ironic, but this lad isn't. He thinks no one can claim Germanic heritage, even when the name, family history and features (the best markers of ethnicity) all indicate otherwise. He thinks all the romano-britons changed their names and the names of their towns to be germanic, and so we're all actually romano-britons.


I can't believe this is real

Mine is bare apart from the bed, cupboard and few drawers so impossible to be untidy tbh.

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Why do they always have beards




Isn't claiming to be a saxon because 30% of the genetic makeup of portions of the country are Germanic even more pathetic and larpy than Mexicans calling themselves Spanish (which they don't)?